Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. has established itself as one of the preferred manufacturers and suppliers of leaf & cut rag to leading tobacco manufacturers all over the world. We have among the largest facilities for leaf & cut rag operations in the region and one of the few companies in India to have our own Research and Development as well as state-of-the-art QA facility to support our massive manufacturing hubs.


Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. can proudly speak of its customers list that comprises some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry today. These include Philip Morris, ITG, JTI, Eastern Company, European Tobacco, Libyan Tobacco Company and RNTA besides other small players.

We export FCV and Non FCV tobacco to both quality and price conscious customers across the world. We export the best quality tobaccos like KLS (Karnataka Light Soils), NLS (Northern Light Soils) & Traditional (comprising of Southern Black Soils (SBS) & Southern Light Soils (SLS) .


In order to meet customers quality parameters, we ensure that advanced technology is espoused and stringent guidelines are adhered to. This enables us to guarantee quality products to our clients, while maintaining timelines and all necessary checks.

We manufacture composite leaf blends and cut tobacco for large clients worldwide who, like us, maintain stringent quality standards


Our commitment to quality, innovation and excellence is fostered by our desire for perfection. Our leaf team comprises some of the most experienced professionals in the industry and we lay a keen emphasis on continuous research to not only develop better products, but to do so in a responsible way.

We can help your customers get only the best.