Godfrey Phillips India’s products are distinct. From cigarettes to chewing confectionery and retail, all our products are outcomes of the innovative, performance driven, and high-quality mindset of our people. Our talented workforce infuses their expertise and energy in every product category, giving our brands an edge over others.


Marlboro is one of the best-known trademarks among all consumer products, and has been the world’s number-one international selling cigarette brand since 1972.

In India the brand is available in the following variants: Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold Original, Marlboro Gold Advance, Marlboro Fuse Beyond, Marlboro Fine touch, Marlboro Clove Mix and the all new Marlboro Compact range.

Marlboro is especially popular with affluent urban adult smokers with a preference for high quality international brands and products.


Four Square, the largest flagship brand franchise of Godfrey Phillips India Limited, has a national footprint with presence in more than 19 states across India. It is amongst the top Industry brands in its markets and is known for its rich yet satisfying taste alongwith its innovations. Four Square provides its aspiring and sophisticated smokers the impetus to move forward confidently through its energizing taste, balanced by its filter innovations thus providing smooth smoking experience.


Launched in independent India in 1948, Red & White gained iconic status and continues to be a leading brand in the market. It has evolved over the years, always in search of better. It is stylish, progressive and delivers the latest innovations in taste and flavour. In Red & White, you will find the right expertise, heritage, strength and smoothness to ensure that everything we bring you is an improvement on our strong foundation of bold taste


Established in 1775, Cavanders rich and vibrant heritage goes back to a time when sailors were the world’s trendsetters. In India, not only has Cavanders continued to be the flag-bearer of the Plains. Its wide product portfolio & pan-India presence, continues to satisfy & delight consumers from all across the nation. Over the period of its illustrious existence in India, the brand has understood the needs of its discerning consumers & has continued to gratify its value conscious consumers with its new offers & flavors.


Stellar is the youngest brand in the portfolio which has quickly gained the reputation of providing innovative offering loved by the new age consumer . Stellar’s wide portfolio has led to it being one of the fastest growing cigarette brands in India, offering a signature customer experience through its entire portfolio.


North Pole is one of the biggest brands for Godfrey Phillips in markets of South India. It is amongst the first flavored cigarettes in India and has been refreshing the south consumers with its unique cool proposition for decades. North Pole continues to innovate, evolve and stay relevant by offering its trademark freshness in newer formats.

Tipper is one of Godfrey Phillips India’s well-known brands in the markets of South India. Its strong and satisfying flavour perfectly complements the masculinity and individuality of our loyal and discerning consumers. Nearing two decades of successful market performance, Tipper continues to evolve and delight.