Godfrey Phillips India has an independent ‘leaf division’ in the tobacco growing area of Guntur in Southern India, which gives us access to the best quality of tobaccos.

Our leaf team includes some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. And we are one of the few leaf operation companies in India to have our own R&D, as well as a state-of-the-art QA facility to support operations.

We have two captive Threshing Plants equipped with the latest technologies to process tobacco for the domestic as well as export markets. We manufacture composite leaf blends and cut tobacco for large clients worldwide. And to develop the ideal blend, our manufacturing division’s state-of-the-art quality control set up also has nicotine and sugar estimation auto analyzers.


Our teams work with farmers to implement GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) to enhance productivity and improve the quality of tobacco, while keeping it free of chemicals and pesticides.

GPI extends support to the farmer communities in the rain-shadow regions by building farm-ponds. Not only does it support irrigation during drought situations, but it also facilitates farming of additional crops. Furthermore, we support farmers by building permanent curing structures to reduce use of food in barn construction. To further support afforestation, we have distributed scores of lakhs of Eucalyptus saplings to farmers at a subsidised cost. In addition to this, our environment management initiatives also include installing bins to collect pesticide and fertilizer waste. The collected material is sent for recycling to save water from contamination and reduce environmental pollution.

Godfrey Phillips India’s tobacco reaches some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry today, including Philip Morris, ITG, JTI, Eastern Co., European Tobacco etc. We are the first leaf operations company to receive the ISO-9001 certification.



Our farmers are a crucial part of our economic, environmental and social footprint. Firm in this belief, Godfrey Phillips India is working with many farmers across Vinukonda region,Andhra to promote and establish…