24SEVEN is India’s first and only twenty-four hours convenience store chain with more than 100 stores spread across Delhi/ NCR and Chandigarh. With an average footfall of 2,000 people every day per store, the brand continuously evolves and upgrades to meet the urban consumers’ needs, living up to its mantra ‘Awesome through the day, Awesome through the night’.

The attractive green and black facade, quirky owl logo, spacious and shopping-friendly décor have helped in creating a lively and upmarket ambience, taking convenience stores to an elevated level. Innovation and technology also play a crucial role in the 24SEVEN ethos, and the team is committed to continuous improvement, be it in terms of product, quality, or service.

With the best of global brands in its selection of wines, beers, liquor chocolates and other products, the chain has also invested in a state-of-the-art central kitchen to ensure that the best quality food is being served at all times, leaving customers with a memorable and international experience.

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