We are proud and privileged to have deep and trustworthy relationships with not just a few but with our entire family of trade partners and associates. Having worked with our trade partner family, many over generations, we know that being emotionally rather than just financially vested is what builds us. Our partner ecosystem is one of our core strengths at Godfrey Phillips India. We have extended to our distribution and partner network of approximately 800 distributors, 6000 salesmen and 8 lac retailers, the same family values that we have to our people.

Our partners have not only helped us strategically scale our business but have also helped us face and solve complex business challenges. We have reciprocated in kind and each of our partners would vouch for our dependability and commitment to them. In today’s fast-paced economic landscape what we are sure of is that our ‘family’ approach is the right one for growth and our partners prove us right time and again!

Working towards a common goal, collaborating within the ecosystem, playing to the strengths of our partners, and using communication channels proactively and productively have helped us sustain and build these valuable relationships.