‘The tobacco industry in India is highly regulated and restricted and the marginalized farmers and workers associated with the industry bear the major impact of these restrictions. Our commitment to these marginalized groups, led us to develop a strategic CSR program, which focuses on sustainable development and livelihood, for communities linked to the tobacco industry.

A strategic CSR program was created with a focus on sustainable development and livelihood for communities linked to the tobacco industry. The program is centred on Burley tobacco farmers and women tobacco graders in Andhra.

Our CSR programs have been recognised by the office of the District Magistrate, Andhra Pradesh Government. We are honoured and humbled to have also received awards like Greentech Foundation CSR Gold Award 2019, CSR Leadership Award 2019, and 8th Asia’s Best CSR Practices Award 2018.



The marginalised Burley Tobacco Farmers from the Guntur district have low acreage, struggle with droughts and the ensuing trap of seasonal employment. These lead to further problems like low incomes, lower bargaining power, increasing debts, downward trend in labour prices, etc.



The program in Ongole, Andhra, was designed to enhance the work-life conditions of women who earn their livelihood from tobacco grading. These women are minimum wage earners and mostly from the marginalized communities (SC/ST).



We are proud and privileged to have deep and trustworthy relationships with not just a few but with our entire family of trade partners and associates. Having worked with our trade partner family, many over generations, we know that being emotionally rather than just financially vested is what builds us. Our partner ecosystem is one of our core strengths at Godfrey Phillips India. We have extended to our distribution and partner network of approximately 800 distributors, 6000 salesmen and 8 lac retailers, the same family values that we have to our people.