The marginalised Burley Tobacco Farmers from the Guntur district have low acreage, struggle with droughts and the ensuing trap of seasonal employment. These lead to further problems like low incomes, lower bargaining power, increasing debts, downward trend in labour prices, etc.

Our CSR program is designed to create a safety network for the marginalised farmers. The initiatives are built around improving their earning capacity and are through exposure to good agricultural practices; collectivisation of farmers into Farmers Development Societies that offer seed funds to provide low cost credit; and water and soil conservation through desiltations, farm ponds, and water sheds. We also focus on improving the health standards and quality of life of all in the community by providing safe drinking water through community water plants, access to toilets and alternate power through solar.

We are committed to education and eliminating child labour through ‘After School Programs’ that provides school infrastructure like toilets, playground, RO, fencing, painting, repair and keeps back children after school to dissuade parents from taking them to work.

The Vinukonda program has impacted over 60 villages and 3000 farmers and has over 200,000 beneficiaries.